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Are you one of those guys like me, who always wanted to try out 3D scanning, but never ended up actually doing it? Well, I finally did, and it’s just a/ very cool b/ pretty impressive c/ super easy! So we are excited to be announcing #3DST: 3D scanning Thursday! The concept is pretty simple: share a 3D scan every thursday, on a given topic, under the tag #3DST 🙂


We think it’s a great way to stimulate our imaginations, get more people to discover 3D capture and 3D tools, and share great creations!

So here is how it work:

  • Every Monday, we announce (on our blog, twitter and facebook feeds) the theme of the #3DST coming the following Thursday (except for the first one on April 10th, it’s an open submission without theme to get started).
  • You have 4 days to make a great scan on this theme and upload it on Sketchfab the given Thursday, under the tag #3DST and add #3DST to the title of your model
  • You can share it on twitter or facebook under the same #3DST tag to get more people to see it!
  • The model getting the most likes by the following Sunday gets featured, and its author gets to pick the theme for the next one.

First thing is first, how to make a 3D scan? We’ve put together a cool tutorial on how to do this using 123D Catch, and here is a more detailed list of tools you can use:

  • trnio.com (free app for iPhone, direct export to Sketchfab!) 
  • itseez3D (free app for iPad, direct export to Sketchfab! You’ll need a structure sensor)
  • 123D catch (free app, Windows, OSX, iOS and Android)
  • Skanect (direct export to Sketchfab! You’ll need a kinect like device)
  • Reconstructme (you’ll need a kinect like device)
  • Recfusion (direct export to Sketchfab! you’ll need a kinect like device)
  • Volumental (you’ll need a kinect like device)
  • Fuel-3D (you’ll need a Fuel device – direct export to Sketchfab!)
  • Sense (You’ll need a Sense)
  • Photoscan (direct export to Sketchfab!)
  • Smart3Dcapture
  • Android Lens Blur to 3D (Free+direct export to Sketchfab!)


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