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Hi there!

My name is Bao Ngoc Vu and I am a Character Artist currently working at Ninja Theory.
I graduated from the Games Academy in Germany 2013 and I have been working in the games industry since then. Since I was a student not so long ago, I know the struggles some of you out there may have. That is why I wanted to share this project to the community and made it free for download.

The initial idea was to practice an image of a character with a strong resemblance to Michael Fassbender but it quickly evolved into something bigger. While creating the high-res character I started to document my workflow.
I used ZBrush for the highpoly sculpt, 3dsMax for my lowpoly aspects of it and Substance Painter for my textures, and I usually make use of the polypainting tool in ZBrush. I do this a lot to get a solid base for my texturing later on. I made a whole breakdown on the highpoly creation on my Artstation page.



Lowpoly screenshots:

Substance Painter:

The ultimate goal of this project was to make a small cinematic in Unreal Engine 4. Hence, my model is not really optimized (in terms of polycount and texture size). When I started uploading my model to Sketchfab I was afraid I had to retouch my model and optimize the textures as well. I did not expect how easy it was to set up your model and make it pretty within minutes. I was really amazed how straightforward the process is. I think Sketchfab is a simple but really powerful tool. Being web based, it definitely enhances your portfolio! With one click, you are able to see and turn your model. In my case, people don’t have to download a huge file to see my model in Unreal Engine 4 but can actually have a quick look on Sketchfab which saves a lot of time!

Feel free to drop me a message on my Artstation if you have any feedback, requests or questions. Or you can contact me via e-mail.

Thank you Sketchfab for the feature! Definitely will be using Sketchfab for my future projects.

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  • Avatar twite_king says:

    Me and my GF love assassin’s creed! very nice write-up! thanks for sharing the pro tips for people who wanna get in the industry like me!! i applied your teaching and did a retopology very quickly here:
    any comment would be appreciated!

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