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About Me

Hello! My name is Miguel Delgado and I am a 3D character artist based in Spain.

While I have professional experience in creating characters for video games since 2014 at a small company called 1mband, in my free time I enjoy making characters for 3D printing.


I primarily used ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Painter for this project.


I based this model on a self-portrait of Clara B. Martinez. She is an amazing 2D concept artist and a beautiful person.



I start to block out a character in ZBrush using primitive shapes to establish proportions and try to get all of the basic shapes.

Retopology and accessories

I like clean meshes, so I did a manual retopo on the body and modeled the props such as the shaker, z-bar, and clothes in Maya.


I asked Clara for feedback and she helped me with the balance.

concept art pose balance


I used this color palette in Substance Painter to do the texturing job.

character color palette


This was the most time-consuming part for me. I made two versions of the hair. The first one was made with geometry strands to be viewed in the Sketchfab real-time viewer and the second one was made using XGen and Arnold renderer in Maya for render purposes.


Here are a few screenshots of the lighting and post-process settings I used:

Final Thoughts

I learned a lot while working on Clara and while it was a challenge at times, I really enjoyed bringing her to life in 3D. If you would like to check out more of my work or see the final renders of Clara, please check out my ArtStation.


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