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Art Spotlight: KitPvP Map

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About Me


In the virtual community, mostly Minecraft, I am known by the pseudonym MrAniman2. And I come from a small country, Latvia.

I do not have any specific education in art, 3D modelling or any other similar field. I am just a hobbyist who is doing what he enjoys.

I have been making creative things in Minecraft since I can remember, probably for a good 5-6 years already. Most of my latest creations are made for Minecraft multiplayer game servers.

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Ever since my Angeron project for PvP/KitPvP gamemode came out 3 years ago, many people have been asking me to create more maps for this gamemode. So when starting this project, I had no doubt that I should try to create something similar in shape and form, keeping all the beautiful details and the general style while at the same time trying to add more new things and make the gameplay even more interesting for players.


All of the work was done in-game on a Minecraft multiplayer server (most of the tools/plugins are built primarily for use on servers).

I probably could be called an old fashioned guy because most of the time I stick with only two plugins: WorldEdit and VoxelSniper, well known for years.


The whole creation process for this project took around 3-4 weeks.

This project was mainly focused on terrain and terraforming a beautiful enclosed environment for players to run around in.

If you think about it… in this case it was quite similar to sculpting in real life. You start with an amorphous object made out of little cubes/spheres (or a large square as shown in the example below) and you slowly shape it into the shape you like and that fits certain gameplay requirements. While creating this project I did exactly that. There were few exceptions here and there but the main shape was made using this method.

kitpvp map terrain

(This picture is just an example for better illustration)

After the main shape was formed, I experimented a bit with a color palette and settled on brown/green and purple/yellow colors.

Next came the detailing of the terrain/cliffs. There are a few specific tools and methods that help to accomplish this task, but it’s largely done by hand. Hand detailing is pretty much the only way to get this beautiful fantasy terrain look I was going for.

kitpvp map cliffs

Once the terrain was done, I added trees and a few structures: houses.

kitpvp map houses

These were made before the work on terrain was started and feature a matching Medieval/Fantasy theme. Most of the houses are placed around the intended player spawn point. The rest are in areas that players are not really supposed to reach and can only be seen in the distance from a few spots on the map (from the player’s perspective).

There are quite a few extra detail elements from bones and skeletons, to decorative barriers all around the edge depicting flames, rock formations, stylized pipes, contrasting purple-yellow elements, etc. These are quite straightforward and come down to the imagination and project requirements.


I should mention that these are default in-game textures and are not made by me. There is an option for custom textures and I could theoretically create my own textures but since this project is intended to be used on multiplayer servers where people are using mostly only default game textures, there really is no need for me to make textures.

The End Result

Sketchfab Setup

I don’t really use anything special. I usually add a light or two, select a black background and slightly bump up the sharpness… and possibly also increase the contrast or a light intensity just a tiny bit.


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Minecraft in-game environment creator

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