Art Spotlight: Swinging Ella - Animating in VR

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Animation veteran Joe Daniels used AnimVR to create this wonderful animation of a swinging girl, and talks about the advantages of creating such (animated) sketches in Virtual Reality.

Of course you can see this model on Sketchfab too – it’s already set up for viewing in VR, so go explore it and perhaps you’ll be tempted to join Ella on the swings 🙂

(this model has been optimised for real-time display on Sketchfab)

You will find many more AnimVR models in the #animvr tag gallery here on Sketchfab.

Did you create any VR art using tools like Tilt Brush, Quill, Medium or AnimVR? Be sure to share its story with us – we’d be happy to share it with our community!

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