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Hi everyone! I’m Luis from the Sketchfab Store team!

As soon as I heard about the Best of Sketchfab series, I knew I had some incredible highlights to share from our amazing community.

Some of you may not know, but I’ve been collecting and admiring all sorts of mechanical robots my entire life. It’s my ultimate passion to build and design them as well! Today I’ll share my favorite creators on Sketchfab and their outstanding mechs.

Dioghaltas by Garm

Garm is from London, UK, and I’ve been admiring his work since late 2015. He has dedicated a lot of time to designing his own genre of mechs inspired by Moths. Insect-based mobile suits are a very common sub-genre in pop culture due to the biomimetic appeal that their exoskeletons provide, both in terms of protection and style. Dioghaltas particularly reminds me of a mixture from Battle Aura Dunbine and MSN-06S Sinanju from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Oh! And don’t forget to swipe on his animations, there are a total of 6 action poses including: Fly Away, Preparing, and Stride.

Test 26.08 by asaito

If you like procedural generation with Houdini, you should definitely check out Akira Saito’s work. He’s from Japan and, at the time of my writing this, his collection of models on Sketchfab ranges to 435 original designs! He currently works at Polyphony Digital Inc. as a technical director.

PAQ Quadruped Mech by Ratatöskr

A true Sketchfab hidden gem, PAQ Quadruped exalts functionality in every aspect of its topology and shape design. It has a grappling hook for pushing heavy obstacles in the battlefield and multi-adaptable terrain feet reminiscent of Boston Dynamics’ advanced robots. The details included on its side gun are also very well modeled.

Heavy Lifter Mech by James Miller

Inspired by Brian Sum’s artwork of the same name, this model was made entirely using conventional boolean extractions. The prominent cyan blue, yellow, and dark grey are unusually beautiful color combinations for a mechanical design. It’s easy to imagine how it moves and walks.

RX-78-2 by a xiang

This model is an awesome representation of the Gunpla model kit hobby. It showcases a big head version of one of the most iconic mobile suits of all: the RX-78-2. Mechs in general are very popularly depicted in a traditional hand-painted style, and a xiang (Shanghai, China) was very successful in the overall 3D scene settings.

Last but not least, did you know we have a Sketchfab version of the Gundam Barbatos design?

It peacefully resides on the TV desk of our NYC office!

I hope you enjoyed this list. Let us know in the comments what your favorite mechs on Sketchfab are!

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I'm a enthusiastic 3D Artist and dedicated creative mind. Mainly focused on the entertainment industry, I've worked in different projects for games, animation and advertisement campaigns.

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