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We love seeing how you use Sketchfab embeds, so each week we roundup the best examples we’ve seen. This weeks top embeds range from a solar powered plane, historical archeology and game assets. Let’s take a look!

First up, a reddit fan of the game Destiny, mocked up a new weapon based on the Ahmkara Lore of dragons…behold The Dragonslayer:

Dragon Slayer’s Proxy
by marshmellop
on Sketchfab

Also in the gaming world, Rachel van der Meer created a whole set of characters and assets for Portal Stories: MEL, a standalone mod of Portal2. She designed, modeled and textured multiple models – check them out!

Short Term Relaxation Vault – Portalstories: Mel
by rvdm88
on Sketchfab

On the topic of fan art, Eve made a low poly set of the YouTube famous Funhaus Gang using Blender.

by E.M. Engel
on Sketchfab

In the news, the Solar Impulse, the plane attempting to circumnavigate the entire globe using nothing but solar power, continues its journey. The Daily Mail reports that the Solar Impulse 2 has taken off from Japan towards Hawaii on what is the most dangerous leg of the ambitious round the world flight so far – a 5 day flight with no where to land if anything goes wrong.

Solar Impulse Si2
by Solar Impulse
on Sketchfab

On a more practical front, the woodworking site Timber Frame HQ wrote a tutorial on how to connect a rafter to a post with a tenon connection. It’s far more useful with the inteactive embed:

Timber Frame Rafter to Post
by Timber Frame HQ
on Sketchfab

Lastly, experts at The University of Dundee recreated the face of a Saxon man found buried at Lincoln Castle in the 11th century. The work has been carried out by specialists in the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) at the University of Dundee, one of the world’s leading centres for facial reconstruction.

Lincoln Castle Reconstruction
by cderolin
on Sketchfab

We are also highlighting three great crowdfunding campaigns this week:

  • Ever wondered how to avoid getting sunburned? SolarFun
    provides personalized awareness as well as protection for you and your children. A new wearable up on Kickstarter!

  • The Hydra is a smartbottle for travelers with a detachable, water-resistant Bluetooth enabled speaker, that can also charge up your phone and light your way. 840 people have already preordered one!

  • Pandora is an all in one sound, battery and stabilizing solution for your DSLR camera. If you are tired of using external audio recorders, putting together monstrous rigs for steadier shots, and running out of batteries in the middle of a take, you can preorder one on Indiegogo!

Where are you embeding your models in the wild? Share your links with us and we will feature them each week.

Have a great weekend!

– Natalia


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