CGSociety Portfolio Pages Now Support Sketchfab Embeds

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Sketchfab embeds have been supported on the CGSociety forums for some time, but did you know it’s now also possible to add your Sketchfab embeds to your portfolio pages on CGSociety?

The addition of Sketchfab embeds is yet another way to make your 3D work shine on one of the world’s biggest portfolio websites.

Working with Sketchfab, CGSociety has added this additional support as part of their recent revamp of their portfolio artwork uploader making it easier than ever to share your artwork on their site.

Sketchfab embeds can be added to new or existing artwork simply by clicking the “Embed” tag under “Additional Artwork” and pasting in the URL to your sketchfab model.


For more detailed information on how to embed your Sketchfab work on CGSociety, visit our help center page. To learn more about CGSociety and all the other sites you can share your Sketchfab work on, visit the list of platforms where we’re supported.

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Paul Chambers

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