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A couple of months ago we sent you a survey about our weekly challenges and we wanted to get back to you with a summary of what you told us and what we’re going to do about it.

  • You told us what sorts of things you would like for challenge topics, and we decided to formalize the process of community input for challenge topics. This is the first week that we are soliciting challenge topics from community members. We tried this for the first time here, and as a result launched the Ancient Artifacts Modeling Challenge.
  • You cited time as a constraint that prevented you from participating. As a result, we are going to offer monthly challenges, in addition to our regular weekly challenges, starting in September.
  • You indicated that you are interested in producing pieces for your portfolios, so we are going to make sure to have a few challenges each month that focus on creating new content rather than reworking existing content.
  • You expressed some frustration with the lack of clarity around how challenges are judged. We are going to make judging criteria clearer in the challenge announcements, and also work on integrating a community voting system.
  • You indicated that you often did not know about challenges until they were over, so we are implementing solutions to do a better job of getting the word out there.

Thank you for your feedback—it is invaluable as we work to keep the Sketchfab community as vibrant and engaged as ever.

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  • Avatar Mike says:

    It would be great for some of the challenges to have 1-3 honorable mentions (similar to artstation contests) for some of the other pieces that stood out, often i have thought for sure one piece might win but something else takes first place. It would be great for them to get some positive feedback for a job well done.

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