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Guest post by @chaitanyak

Blendswap.com, a sharing site for blender files, now supports native integration of Sketchfab’s models! Here is a quick video on how to set it up for your models…

  • step1: copy the page url of your Sketchfab model (not the embed code),
  • step2: in your Blendswap model page, click “Edit Data” and then paste the Sketchfab model’s url in the box for “3D Preview”,
  • step3: remember to mention what you’ve added in the “What did you change?” box, otherwise it won’t save the changes,
  • step4: now click the big “Save Changes” button!

As an example here is @chaitanyak  Blendswap page: http://www.blendswap.com/user/chaitanyak

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