Fall Crowdfunding Roundup

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As of today, about 150 crowdfunding campaigns have used Sketchfab to show their innovations in 3D! It has been a busy fall, with many new amazing projects sharing real-life product experiences online. Perhaps they’ve been reading our Crowdfunding Tips?. Let’s take a look…


One of the most exciting project out there for the 3D enthusiasts community is Eora 3D. They have already raised half a million dollars for a very nice 3D laser scanner that transforms your phone to make awesome 3D scans!

Now that Kickstarter has launched in France, several interesting projects have gone live, such as Ulo. It is a very cute surveillance camera!

by vivien-muller
on Sketchfab

In the games category, a noteworthy campaign is Sword and Sorcery. It is a fully cooperative fantasy board game where one to five players control heroes with unique powers. Want to be a part of it?

A Windows 10 PC that fits in your pocket? Introducing The Ockel Sirius B from $189 on Indiegogo!

Ockel Sirius B
by avanca
on Sketchfab

If, like me, you’d love to have the same experience that astronauts get, check out Overview One. This virtual reality camera will be sent to the observation deck of the International Space Station to capture immersive virtual reality video.

Overview One Mark III
by SpaceVR
on Sketchfab

Kerv raised $160k to bootstrap its contactless payment solution: a ring. Pay with a single gesture anywhere in the world that accepts contactless payments. No card, PIN, bank account or smartphone required.

Kerv: White Ocean
by Kerv
on Sketchfab

With ShockStop, you won’t feel the shocks of the road again. This adjustable-stiffness suspension stem smooths out your ride. Perfect for performance cyclists, recreational riders and commuters.

Forced Eternal Arenas. In this game, Diablo meets Hearthstone in a 3D action brawler with deckbuilding from the creators of FORCED. The campaign just finished and was successful, with many beautiful embeds!

Forced: Eternal Arenas – Beast Enemy
by BetaDwarf
on Sketchfab

Need a new car mount for your smartphone? Look no further than MagMount. It is very versatile, strong and functional.

MagMount by Doc Artisan
by docartisan
on Sketchfab

Keep all your data safe with Helixee. Automate backups and share your files securely on your own private network.

by novathings
on Sketchfab

Are you a 3D printing enthusiast? Felfil Evo will be your new open source filament extruder. You will be able to choose your filament colour, diameter and material daily, according to your creativity and curiosity.

Felfil Evo
by felfil
on Sketchfab

On Kickstarter, Pixelio is running a campaign for its hardware that enables you to 3D scan, and create beautiful panoramas and timelapses.

Pixelio 3D Scanner (model)
by Pixelio
on Sketchfab

And also check out… Up, VRGO, Aspirus, Tympani, Vortex Dress, Monsters, Smile

Reach out if you’re running a crowdfunding campaign by emailing us at crowdfunding@sketchfab.com and we’ll do our best to help you get featured!



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