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This week we meet with Juan a.k.a Moxstudios. He’s a gifted 3D artist with some impressive models on Sketchfab!

#1 Could you introduce yourself to our readers: Who are you and where are you from? 

My name is Juan Carlos Montes and i’m a Puerto Rican artist living and working freelance in Chicago. 


#2 Can you tell us about what aspects of 3D you specialize in?

I consider myself a handy man of design. I love to do many things animation, drawing, graphic design but i think the discipline i enjoy the most is 3D modeling. 

#3 How did you first get started in 3D? What attracted you to it in the first place?

I started working in 3D 12 years ago using a program called Arena Design. It was pretty basic but it helped me understand a lot about 3D. The aspect i liked the most was creating forms i could rotate 360 degrees.

Army Turtle by moxstudios on Sketchfab

#4 Do you have any academic training or are you self-taught?

I’m self taught and try to always keep up to date.

#5 You’re also an illustrator, does that influence your workflow?

Yes it does, 100%, since it helps me visualize an idea easier.

#6 How did you come across Sketchfab and how does it help you in your career?

I discovered Sketchfab through Blendernation. It’s an excellent tool to promote myself as an artist through my work.

#7 Of all your pieces currently on Sketchfab, which one are you the most proud of and why? Your favorite one?

Probably the H.R. alien tribute. I like the end result plus it looks great in sketchfab.

H.R Giger Tribute Alien by moxstudios on Sketchfab

#8 Where does your creativity come from?

Well creativity can come from anywhere from a coffee stain to looking at the anatomy of insects and animals.

#9 What advice would you give to someone with an illustrator background getting started with 3D?

To start with the most basic 3D, getting to know a little about each area and then setting up personal challenges to create more complicated models.

Thanks again to Juan for taking part in this interview, be sure to check out his work on Sketchfab and on his website.

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