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In our Meet the Team series, we talk to Louis Bidou today to find out what he works on and the work that drives him, that in turn, drives Sketchfab. If you need help getting settled at work, you should go to Louis! 

Hi Louis! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! Sure. I studied Finance, Business Administration and then Entrepreneurship at university before joining Sketchfab as a business development intern 18 months ago. I went back to school a few months and enjoyed this last months as a student to travel to different parts of the world – India, Iceland, Turkey, Brazil… I am now back here to help the team on everything that is organization related. Super excited to be back!

What kind of work do you create as a 3D scanning enthusiast?

I scan what I love, and it goes from street art to sculptures to almost everything actually. For instance, I scanned a plane wreck in Iceland, but also gifts from my friends, good looking food, and even my puppy!

Sometimes at lunch I try to play with Tilt Brush, but I really have to get better!

What are you working on here at Sketchfab?

I help Alban, our CEO, on operations and organization topics: finance, legal, people… My mission is really to make sure our organization stays smooth as we grow – because we do grow! Our team is split between Paris and New York, so it is very important to keep everyone up to date of what is happening both on the tech and biz sides. People are awesome here, I just have to make sure things are clean and people are happy 🙂

What are you most excited about now that you’re on the team?

VR, definitely. When you browse Sketchfab in VR straight from the web, you really get a feeling of this new dimension that opens up! I sometimes find myself browsing dozens of models in my bedroom, even from my cardboard. It is so easy and eye-opening to visit complete 3D scenes in VR from Sketchfab! I am super excited about the idea of seeing everyone enjoying it!

What is your favourite model on Sketchfab and why?

Arf, that’s a tough question… I am of course super impressed by all our most popular scenes, but I particularly love very simple low poly ones – even more when they are animated, so I’d go for this one: 

Thanks, Louis!

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