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My name is Phil Gosch, I’m a Technical Artist & Software Developer based in Graz, Austria. Originally coming from hobby game development, I started using 3D software in 2006, after searching for a way to create some assets for the games I developed. After some time using 3D apps, I realized I was totally into them and that I liked creating 3D art and really spent a lot of time with it. I then additionally started learning art fundamentals as well as 2D software like Photoshop. I later got back more into the development/programming area when I started university. I’m currently working at ReactiveReality where we’re working on pushing the boundaries of highly automated content creation through photo scans/photogrammetry.


Currently, I specialize in computer graphics/game development with a healthy interest in new media like Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). My main areas are in software engineering, game development, and tool development as well as next-gen real-time visualization, illustration, and animation. Another major interest of mine is photogrammetry and photo scans.

How I use Sketchfab

I use Sketchfab as a platform for presenting my personal work as well as working with clients on projects. I love how one’s account can double as a portfolio as well as a place for showcasing iterations of professional work and discussing them with clients. The ability to have password-protected/private models with an intuitive 3D Viewer is really handy. While I like creating original stuff, I’m also pretty fond of doing fanart with a realistic touch (especially Nintendo stuff like Zelda or Pokemon). About half of my personal models are modeled and textured by hand while the rest are photogrammetry models I created based on places I visited…or on my sphynx cats!

Masters Projects

Creating tutorials and articles for my areas of expertise is one of the things I’ve done so far as well as community support and also technical support for some of the more complex troubles users have had with software that I’m rather familiar with (shoutout to Blender!). Judging contests and challenges is also a rather regular task for me as a Master team member. I also really like how the Masters team kind of has a voice in product development and has a direct connection to the core Sketchfab team! Besides that, I’m also active on the new Sketchfab Discord—consider joining if you haven’t already. Feel free to follow my Twitter, Instagram, or ArtStation!


About the author

Phil Gosch

I’m a Software Developer & Technical/3D Artist with special interest in realtime ready assets and photogrammetry from Graz, Austria.

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