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About Me

My name is Igor Puškarić, chiming in from Croatia! 😀

I am an award winning 2D/3D generalist, Concept artist, 3D artist and animator, with over 13 years of experience. I have also been an occasional ZBrush teacher at Machina Academy in Zagreb, Croatia, and have been engaged in several public speaking events and interviews on various blogs, and digital entertainment-related events, primarily but not strictly, in the domain of gaming.

My reel can explain far better than I can:

The Happy Start

My beginnings were strictly spontaneous and very much self-perpetuated, and my first jobs were an organic echo of me publishing my work. I always create purely for fun, aiming to explore the depths of imagination, dancing tightly with my internal sense of “rule of cool”.

One such success was my Biomechanical Whale:

So far, I have never had to actively search for work, but rather, my personal designs attracted work to me. Of course, in the beginning, as much as I loved creating cool designs, I did not have the professional software skill set, or an understanding of proper pipelines. That was until I onboarded at Taitale Studios with their Novus Aeterno project… They helped me a great deal and connected me to their professional 3D artist, Mohamed Rotab, who sped up my professional growth in terms of technical know-how, efficient pipelines and general mind-flow regarding 3D model production, especially with regard to where the models were meant to be used and why.

This is my drone design from roughly that era, but I have updated it with new skin-sets. I got inspired during the process and made more textures than I had originally planned.

My Artistic Focus

I am doing artistic outsource development, mainly oriented towards the game industry in Sci-Fi and Fantasy directions, occasionally spilling over into domains of film.

I actually synergize with multiple disciplines, involving concept art, minor storyboarding, 3D modeling, texturing, basic rigging, animation and illustration, which makes me somewhat of a strong generalist, rather than a narrowly focused specialist.

I also design and sell 3D models and I am active on multiple platforms: Sketchfab, Instagram, DeviantArt, ArtStation, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others.

Up until recently, I had owned and run my own business, Iggy-design, which I considered to be an inventive outsourcing studio, where I was the only employee.

I currently work at AniQ d.o.o. in the City of Novska, doing a mashup of teaching Blender and contributing to a very cool array of internal projects.

Why Sketchfab?

This is an incredibly multilayered platform, both in theme and technically. As a 3D artist and generally a curious being, nothing else comes even close to me, in terms of an extremely up-close showcase of what I can do, and what can be done in general by others. The magic of real-time is quite seductive when some genius here does epic things, and I wonder:

“This was supposed to be impossible, and yet it runs.” 😀

The freedom of inspecting a 3D model is unprecedented and thus, inspiring, many times extremely educational and quite eye-opening.

This also goes both ways, so my clients also have the very same benefit, and I love the flexibility that entails. PLUS, this saves huge amounts of time in regard to producing renders/presentation sheets. So basically it is a wonderfully transparent, live portfolio on steroids. 😀

And, of course, we cannot disregard the ever-supporting community, as the perfect oil that runs this multi-dimensional engine.



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Igor Puškarić

Originality, Versatility, and Fun. :)

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