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The Sketchfab Masters are a group of super passionate and active community members. They are helping us run community activities, write tutorials and help out community members with support and feedback.

Today, meet Kevin Cayuela Borg from Spain, who has recently joined our community and done amazing sculpting work.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Kevin Cayuela Borg, I’m 23 years old and  I work as a freelance digital sculptor from Barcelona. I studied art for 7 years and I was in a game-art course when I discovered ZBrush. I liked so much that I decided to master this software, so I moved to Madrid to learn more about 3D by enrolling in to an organic modeling master at CICE.

By the end of the master I started to collaborate with my mentor David Fernandez Barruz in some projects and now I’m part of his team and we kept working together.

What is your expertise?

I’ve been working as a freelance miniature digital sculptor for two years now, improving commission by commission, miniature by miniature. I began to focus on 3D printing models, in which my most common commissions are fantasy games miniatures, and in the process, worked for many different brands like “Star Player”, “Fosilpunk Foundry”, “Hungry Troll” and a game called “Circle of Blood”.

How do you use Sketchfab?

I use Sketchfab for sharing my work, I think it’s the best way to share our 3D models. The thing I profit the most from is private mode from the PRO account. I can show my WIPs to the clients in a confidential way. It’s a nice way to get quick feedback for getting a better result of a sculpt.

What will you be working on for the Sketchfab Masters?

I’ll help the ZBrush and 3DPrinting communities in Sketchfab by giving feedback and tutorials, and to help Sketchfab with related events and challenges by judging or technical support.

Find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or ArtStation!

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