Mozilla Hubs Clubhouse Contest: The Winners!

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It’s time to put down your virtual hammers and nails – all the VR clubhouses have been built and the winners are in!  Jim Conrad and Joshua Marinacci from the Mozilla team helped us go over the 23 entries and in the end all judges were pretty unanimous in their selection.

All winners will be contacted for their prizes today.

Ready? Let’s go!

3rd Place: Wizard’s Library by Mediochrea

  • Jim – “Really impressive work, especially for someone who claims to be working in this style for the first time. In terms of space, I love the animated celestial sculpture and the spiral staircase connecting the two floors. I would have liked the two areas to feel more distinct though (maybe with lighting or color palette). The use of the emissive map on the ceiling and candles is appreciated, although I do wish that there had been other maps used (metallic, roughness, normal, etc.) to really bring out the surface details. Also, there are a few items in the scene (on the lower floor) that appear to have lost their UV info, or perhaps got assigned the wrong textures. All fixable, but ultimately these lead to the #5 spot.”
  • Joshua – “The detail and depth of the space is amazing, especially considering the polygon count. I love the wizard orrey!”
  • Tom – “Awesome hand-painted style and a nice ‘non-square’ layout with the large library space upstairs (complete with subtly animated orrery) and smaller nooks downstairs.”
  • Bart – “Great setting and lots of nice corners to hide in. Unlike other rooms this one feels like it can accomodate a large group of people.”

Mediochrea wins a $350 Amazon Gift Card, an Oculus Go – If Amazon supports shipping in country ($200 gift card if not) and 3 months of Sketchfab PRO

2nd Place: TeaScroll Clubhouse Scene by Anaïs Faure

  • Tom – “I love the potential here for a calming teahouse Hubs experience. A solid selection of props that add up to a coherent themed scene or could add some style to any other Hubs space”.
  • Bart – “I love the atmosphere in this room and can see myself hanging out here for a bit while listening to some relaxing music”.
  • Jim – “This one probably has the most intimate feeling due to the warm lighting and relatively small scale. The fountain prop alone is a masterpiece– (love the way the tail wraps around the whole thing.) The warmth and style makes me think that this space is one that people might actually want to stay in for a while. I was a little surprised at the triangle count being as high as it is, but then I saw just how many scrolls are duplicated in those little shelves– (It is called ‘TeaScroll Clubhouse’ after all…) Similar to some other entries, I wish there were more maps used (metallic, etc.) to bring out surface details, but the scene doesn’t really suffer without them due to the quality of the lighting.”
  • Joshua – “Very detailed with a consistent theme.The lighting is superb.”

Anaïs wins a $750 Amazon Gift Card, an Oculus Go – If Amazon supports shipping in country ($200 gift card if not) and 6 months of Sketchfab PRO!

1st Place: Mozilla Playground by Tombolaso

  • Tom – “A great activity based concept with plenty of potential for physics based fun. The props (many animated) make it possible to have fun in this or any other space.”
  • Bart – “What I really like about this scene is its diversity and how you managed to make mini games with such simple means.”
  • Jim – “What a fun space! My kids saw me looking at this one and asked, “Daddy, can we play that?”. All of the movement really gives this space life. I have to put my bias aside because they used my robot avatar design as their animatronic statue– (I also wasn’t sure if that broke the ‘no models from the internet’ rule, but I figure given the contest theme, they’d get a pass.) The baked lighting adds a lot of depth and the style is consistent throughout. The apparent use of modular pieces to build the various walkways and railings makes this feel like something that could be built in real life. The decision to add foliage helped to soften the industrial feeling that might have dominated without it. I can definitely picture this space supporting a few small groups of people hanging out and having a good time.”
  • Joshua – “I love that there is so much  to do. The props really help make it an interactive space.”

Tombolaso wins a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card, an Oculus Go – If Amazon supports shipping in country ($200 gift card if not) and 1 year of Sketchfab PRO!

Honourable Mentions

Finally these five entries will each receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card and 1 month of Sketchfab PRO:

Congratulations everyone!

We were super excited to see your entries and will be trying them in VR soon! Thanks to everyone for participating and we’ll see you for our next challenge soon (perhaps you’re even interested in Sketchfab 3December, which is currently happening?)

Special note about ‘Tree House’

PS: You might be surprised to see that ‘Tree House’ is not in this list; during the voting process we realised that this model contained copyrighted textures that were not compatible with the required Creative Commons license. As such we sadly had to disqualify this entry.

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