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Now that Sketchfab is a part of Epic Games, we have more resources to provide better solutions at more competitive prices, which in turn means we can support the wider 3D ecosystem more effectively. Today, we are happy to announce a number of changes that will make Sketchfab a much more accessible solution, particularly for companies.

Our goal with these changes is to make Sketchfab a no-brainer for anyone looking for a robust solution to publish their 3D content for commercial use-cases, without having to worry about cost. We look forward to seeing how you’ll use Sketchfab in your next project!

Unbranded player

Our unbranded player is now available with both the Premium and the Enterprise plan. Access to the unbranded player lets you seamlessly embed a fully transparent model frame with no Sketchfab logo.

Augmented reality

Our app-free AR mode—previously only available to Enterprise customers—is now included with the Premium plan, too. It works on both iOS and Android, letting you jump easily into AR from the 3D player or a model embed with a single click or tap, no special app download required.

Traffic limits

We are lifting traffic limits on Premium plans, which used to be capped at 10,000 views per month. Premium plan customers now enjoy unlimited traffic under a fair use program, which means that only those in the top 1% of monthly traffic usage may be charged for excessive usage. Should your account reach this level of viewership, someone on our team will reach out to you about next steps.

Commercial use

Previously, we had asked companies that wished to use Sketchfab for commercial use to be on a Premium or higher level plan. Now we are removing this restriction—anyone can use Sketchfab for commercial use on any plan, even the free Basic tier.

Sketchfab for Teams

We are opening up Sketchfab for Teams to the Premium plan, on an on-demand basis. If you are a Premium plan customer and would like multiple seats to be able to collaborate with other members of your team, please reach out to our Enterprise team here and we will get you set up.


Downgrading your existing plan

Existing Premium customers who would like to downgrade their plans can do so at the end of their current plan’s active subscription period. Existing Enterprise customers who would like to update their plans can reach out to their dedicated account manager to discuss the available options.


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Alban Denoyel

Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab.

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