3D models of Plant Anatomy from the 19th Century

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Sketchfab user Digitage (digitage.fr) takes us behind the scenes of a very interesting digitisation project…

ESPE Collection Botanique Auzoux by Digitage on Sketchfab

Do you know Louis Auzoux?

He was a French doctor who lived in the XIXth century and he’s famous for his models of plant anatomy.

« l’Ecole Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Education » (School for Teaching and Education) decided to exhibit the plant models he made in papier mâché.

This post will take you through the steps we used to digitise these remarkable specimens in 3D and also indicate why the project was undertaken.

Modèle petite forêt de champignons de Louis Auzoux

First these models were restored at specialized art restoration workshops, to give them there original look and also custom made individual bases. The Auzoux collection is now exhibited at ESPE.

But, the models were originally created to be taken apart in order to study them, they are made of multiples pieces. Visitors of ESPE will see them only fully assembled. So how can we present the original idea of Louis Auzoux ?

Thanks to 3D scanning! Here’s one model assembled…:

…and another showing how it can be taken apart!

3D Scanning the Models

Our team performed a 3D scan of all the pieces of about 40 plant models.

The 3D scanning was process in several steps:

1. We used a Breuckmann SmartScan scanner to get the geometry of the models. First assembled, then piece by piece to show them dismantled.

2. Then we made a photogrammetric acquisition to get a very high definition texture. Each piece was placed in a softbox to have the best light across all the object.

3. Finally the texture was applied on the mesh from the Breuckmann scanner. So we produced a 3D model textured and with high metrological accuracy.

The goal is conservation and backup, and also the 3D models are now virtually presented to the public – the creations of doctor Auzoux are shown for the first time in separated pieces!

You will discover the 3D models next to the collection at ESPE in Paris.


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