RADiCAL partners with Sketchfab on a revolutionary new motion capture system

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If you’re a movie or video game fan you’ve no doubt come across the concept of motion capture in recent years. Actors are typically dressed up in a funny suit covered in ping pong balls that sends positional information about limbs to a complex sensor array that translates that movement into something that can later be re-used in computer animation.

While it might be occasionally embarrassing for the actor who has to spend their day in one of those suits, it’s a technology that revolutionized visual entertainment in recent years allowing actors to be swapped in and out with computer doubles to present feats of strength or danger-defying moves in ways that would never have been possible with stuntpeople.

Now imagine that not only can the same process be performed with no special suit, and no expensive hardware. Then, what if I told you all you need is your phone, and that YOU can start capturing motion. That’s where RADiCAL comes in…

The free iOS app allows you to record and upload videos which are then analyzed by AI using cloud-based NVIDIA GPU compute units thanks to Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. That computing power translates the human movement you’ve captured and extracts it from the environment. That’s massive (and smart) processing power available to the palm of your hand. In the future you’ll also be able to upload footage from any camera.

Once processed, you can then preview the results in 2D,3D, and VR, right from your phone thanks to the Sketchfab player. Once the full commercial product launches, you can download the file in FBX format. FBX files integrate easily into many graphics workflows and leverage Autodesk’s HumanIK rig interoperable format.

Here’s an example of urban dance captured by RADiCAL:

The first 500 Sketchfab users to register with the button below will receive a free Creator package, good for free scanning and download of motion capture data. No strings attached, no credit card required.

The RADiCAL app is available for iOS devices, with an Android option coming in the near future.

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