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My name is Marcin Lubecki and I live in Katowice. I majored in architecture, but gradually 3D graphics has become my main point of interest. My adventure with three dimensions started when I was a kid when I got my first set of iconic Lego blocks. They awakened my curiosity about the idea of dimensions and space. The initial motivation resulting from playing with colourful toys became my driving force to learn more and choose some more and more demanding sets of blocks.

In my works I mainly concentrate on representing the beauty of architecture. I put a lot of effort into making the materials and illumination of my scenes look as realistic as possible.

Based on theoretical knowledge I create images, first in my head, and next by sketching them in a very simple 3D model, which is later elaborated on and honed through trial-and-error.

I largely treat my computer discs as a kind of “a drawer” where I keep all my projects. I have current models created in order to be sold, but there are also some pieces that need to be freshened and perfected before they are shown. I have always thought about selling 3D models, however all sales platforms that I have dealt with until now have been too packed. One day I received an email with the information that Sketchfab team is launching a model shop and I just felt it was the right moment to make this step and try.

Deciding What to Create

I get emails from people who found my models in which they share what gallery they would like to see next. Their opinions set certain limits in my search for the next form. Sometimes it is enough to get some feedback from one person who confirms what I have been thinking about and it gives me enough inspiration to move on right away. At this point I post models of galleries/interiors that are aimed to present products. I have some ideas for my next series, but right now I wouldn’t like to share what exactly it is going to be.

Where your work has been used and some examples of how your customers used your products

My clients mainly use my 3D models to exhibit their own works and to present them on their websites. Sometimes my models are used on art exhibitions serving as a coherent background. My work is used by other people as a part of a larger whole.


I try to price my work in a reasonable way so that anyone can afford to buy it. Large sales motivate me to create my next assets. In the case of a model which is not eagerly bought, I try to lower the price and give it some time. If it doesn’t help, I share it for free.


Promoting is a task that I am still working on coming up with my own strategy and earning my own recognition. So far I have been using social media, websites related to the subject, and sometimes I show my projects to some friends or post the works on my website.

Setup on Sketchfab

I keep the shared models as simple as possible. I unwrap and bake textures, I use post effects to improve the colours, add grain and sometimes depth of field. I do so to obtain a result as similar to the effect I got on the rendered still image as possible. I try to make my models function well in VR and on mobile devices keeping the best possible quality, so this is often a kind of compromise.

Why Sketchfab?

I have chosen Sketchfab for a very simple reason: it is possible to view the models via a search engine without installing any additional plug-ins. I could never understand why the “giants” on the market haven’t offered such a solution. This is the fairest attitude towards the customer who can see the model from every angle and side and check whether it meets the customer’s expectations. The seller, on the other hand, has a better tool to present a product, which can have only positive results.

Future Assets

I love architecture so I continuously try to create models that can prove my possibilities. I would like to make more visualisations of interior equipment and to try to upload a project of a house on Sketchfab. I think that in the process of designing it would be a wonderful experience for potential customers to be able to visit their future lodging using their own phones.

Thanks for your support!


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