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About me

My name is Ujjwal Chauhan. I am from India (Bharat). I have been working in an advertising company as a 2D/3D graphic designer for the past 7 years. I am also an artist. I love to do clay modeling, painting, paper craft and sketches. My  main softwares are: Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

I joined Sketchfab in 2017, because of Sketchfab’s powerful 3D Editor features.

My Art Style

If you look at my models, you will see all different types of models. Nothing is special in my art style. I just like to make something all the time. When I see something, I start thinking of all the ways to make it. And when I get a chance, I just start making that thing. And then I don’t even care about the time. I have made models until 5 AM because I love 3D.

When and why did I start selling 3D models on Sketchfab?

In 2018, Sketchfab launched a store in which people could sell their 3D models. I thought it would be good for me to join because at that time I had been thinking about joining other asset marketplaces. But the special thing about Sketchfab is that it easily allows the buyer to check the model completely before purchasing it. They can check polycount, texture quality, and much more. And this is also a good opportunity for the creator to give a perfect presentation of their products. So I chose Sketchfab to sell my 3D assets.

Now I would like to share with you the story of my first model being sold. 🙂

During that time there was a lockdown here in India due to Covid-19. I had quit my job. So I was searching to find good ways to earn money online. Then my elder brother advised me that I should sell 3D models. I wondered how this would happen, I have not done anything like this before. So I listened to him and uploaded a model for just 5 dollars.

After one month I saw a notification on my phone. I had $5 in my PayPal account. I was very happy. I told my mother and she was also very happy. Then I thought that I should give it more time. So I uploaded several models, including the water splashes below, which got me a good response. After some time I started making more sales.

Deciding what to create

When my models started selling, I began to think that I should work on artistic models, too. I saw that there are many beautiful artistic models on Sketchfab. I decided to make a real-time volumetric cloud  after a lot of research and learning new skills and techniques. I created this one.

And other models with the same techniques.

For me it was art and some testing models, but it has happened a couple of times that people have commented that we want this model, how can it be downloaded? So keeping in view the hard work of that model, I sell it too. Sometimes, if I hit my monthly non-downloadable upload limit, I would upload models to sell (there is no Store upload limit). These models started selling and I got a very good response from them too. 🤩

If you are new in the field of 3D art, then you should just make progressively better models without worrying too much. Then whether it is artistic or an asset which is useful for an advertising company or for a gaming company, you just have to do better.

Artistic inspiration is available to us anywhere—find a scene, someone else’s beautiful artwork, an artistic character or creature that you will see that should be made in 3D.

Additionally, anything that is commonly used can be created in 3D for advertisements, games or print and packaging industries: fruits, cookies, water splashes, trees for arch viz., some sculptures, and many more products.

Where my models have been used

I don’t know exactly how and where my customers used my models. Most of my models are purchased by people who have to make art or advertisements for their clients. Additionally, architects buy trees from me to design environments. Some people are buying my cloud models to study them.

Pricing & promotion

To select a model’s price, I compare the quality and price of the models on Sketchfab and other stores with my model. And I consider my time and effort to price models that I’m unable to find comparisons for.

Currently I am not on any social media but soon I am going to consider that, too. For now the best promotion of models is the quality or uniqueness of the work itself. People will get interested if they see passion and dedication in your models. Making a few of my models available for free download also helps to promote my other assets.

How I set up my products on Sketchfab

Step 1

Configuring models on Sketchfab is very easy. I use these settings for almost every one of my models:

Step 2

After setting up render settings, it’s time to write a clean model description and add categories and tags like this:

Why I set up a store on Sketchfab

As I mentioned above, compared to other model selling companies, Sketchfab is the best because it lets buyers check the model completely with the help of a model inspector.

Sketchfab’s 3D Editor has a lot of valuable features:

It’s compatible with all major devices, supports all major 3D file formats, and has a huge and supportive community.

Most importantly for creators, payments arrive to your PayPal account in real-time. Most stores hold onto sellers’ money until next month. Here I sell something and receive the money immediately after the sale is completed.

Future opportunities for assets are endless!

Experts can breathe new life into animated characters and create interesting, realistic scenes in the film industry. As you can see, 3D artists will be at work in all circumstances. The medicine, jewelry, engineering, computer games, and design market are growing, and the demand for 3D assets will not decrease in the future. If you have specialized in one or more 3D modeling programs, you can find lucrative 3D modeling work opportunities in animation, advertising, architecture, engineering and other sectors. 3D modelers may hold full-time jobs, part-time jobs, freelance jobs or work independently.

My plan is to create a huge collection of assets like daily use items:

Food, crockery, plants & trees, all interior 3D models that are used in architecture, construction and engineering, sculpture & pottery…just everything! Many of these assets can be easily created with the help of photogrammetry. I’m working on it and am going to upload a lot of 3D scanned models very soon to increase my future sales. Finally, anyone can easily import any kind of model from my store into their favorite software with the help of Sketchfab import plugins.

That’s why I chose Sketchfab! 😊

I would like to thank the Sketchfab team members for giving me an opportunity to be featured in this Seller Spotlight. It’s a moment of great pleasure and honor for me.

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Ujjwal Chauhan

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