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We love seeing all the ways you use the Sketchfab viewer. Our favorite this week was the folks from Coffee Powered Machine using embeds on their website to launch their new game, Okhlos.


Okhlos is an upcoming PC game where you lead a mob of ancient Greeks, tiny and pixeled, through mythological Greece, destroying everything that stands in their way. We love how they used dioramas of game scenes to tease the game prior to its release. As they put it: “Though they lack some features that will be in the full game, like dynamic sprite shadows, they convey Okhlos’ visual style much better than the screenshots or videos do.”


Check out the way they also used annotations to give a sense of the game:

Ares Rises
by RoketronZ
on Sketchfab

It’s no wonder they were greenlit by the Steam community in just 6 days! Congrats guys, we can’t wait to play!

How do you use Sketchfab? Let us know and we could feature your project next.

– Natalia


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