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You may have read about the illegally-installed public statue of Edward Snowden in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, on April 6, 2015. Affixed atop an existing column, the statue was mounted by three anonymous artists and their helpers early in the morning, then covered and taken down by NYC Parks officials later that day. A month later, the artists released a file so anyone can make their own 3D printed version of the bust.
A model of the sculpture exactly as it appeared in the park is up on Sketchfab and printable! It has been covered by Animal New York.

Other cool embeds:

  • Okhlos is an upcoming PC game in which you lead a mob of ancient Greeks, tiny and pixeled, through mythological Greece, destroying everything that stands in their way. The team released very cool dioramas which convey Okhlos’ visual style much better than screenshots or videos do!

  • African Fossils, a virtual lab showcasing a spectacular collection of fossils and artifacts found mostly at Lake Turkana in East Africa, is dedicated to create a growing repository of 3D models of significant fossils and artifacts, thus making them freely accessible to all.

  • The U.S. National Park Service uses 3D visualization to help people explore nature, such as this fossilized Redwood Trio, Colorado, or this rockfall in the Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

  • World of Tanks keeps up sharing great tanks on their different platforms.

  • The Microsoft Hololens continues to be covered and presented in 3D, in particular by the German Winfuture.

  • A tuto on SketchUp modeling from plans and elevations has been illustrated by a model of The Burrow from the Harry Potter Series.

  • Agisoft shared a very nice 3D reconstruction of the University of Maryland campus on their community page to illustrate the possibility of PhotoScan.

And some nice embeds from crowdfunding campaigns:

  • Four days to go before the end of the Ockham Razor campaign on Kickstarter! It is a beautiful, clean and simple razor, made with a one-piece handle, precision cast in England from solid metal. Check it out!

  • A lamp to receive notifications, find and charge your phone, sense temperature and brightness – and with interchangeable designs, here is the Pretty Smart Lamp. You can preorder one on Kickstarter as well.

  • If you want to remove broken headphone plugs from your tablet or smartphone, the GripStick is the tool you need. It’s also on Kickstarter for less than a month!

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