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We’re proud to announce that Sketchfab is now embeddable on CG+! With over 500,000 members and close to 1 million experiences instantly viewable in VR, we’re proud to be the largest online destination for VR and 3D content in the world.

Because we know the reach of 3D and VR artists spans across all platforms, we want to make it more accessible for everyone to be able to share work, no matter where you’re sharing it.

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Sharing on CG+

Now get more views for your work with added CG+ Sketchfab support. When adding new artwork follow these steps.

1. Click “Add Work”


2. Choose Sketchfab


3. Paste your Sketchfab model URL in the field


4. Edit the name and description if necessary


5. Click “Save”


6. And just like that, your Sketchfab piece is on CG+!


And like the embeds that you see on the blog, it will show up with two hi-res thumbnails, editable tags, tools used, Sketchfab description, and genre.

We couldn’t be more excited to reach out to more of our community and bring others on board and couldn’t have done this without the help of the CEO of CG+, Kostya Stepanov, who is just as excited as us about this:

We are super excited to finally provide an opportunity to our users to embed their 3D projects from Sketchfab to CG+. We know we should have done it a while ago (perhaps even in the times of CGHUB), but better later than never. We really hope to see more beautiful 3D artworks on our website soon and would welcome new 3D artists to join our community.

For an overview of Sketchfab’s CG+ integration, learn more about it in the Help Center.

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