Sketchfab partners with Promethean to bring 3D and VR to the classroom

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We have some exciting news to share today for educators and it’s all thanks to you, our community of creators. Sketchfab has been selected by global education innovator Promethean to provide our very best educational content in 3D and VR to students as part of their ClassFlow technology.

ClassFlow is a free lesson delivery software that aggregates together resources and tools to help teachers engage student’s minds with compelling, contextual educational materials.

Alongside complementary content providers who are supplying access to over 1.6 million educational resources in the form of video, audio, simulations and images, Sketchfab has worked with Promethean to deliver hand-picked compelling educational content from you, our community of over 800,000 contributors.

Now, whether teachers use ClassFlow to choose ready-made lessons or customize their own they can select amazing experiences in 3D and VR as an interactive teaching aid.

Vin Riera, CEO of Promethean shared, “By increasing the amount and the variety of resources available on the ClassFlow Marketplace, we’re making it easier than ever for teachers to access the latest interactive tools that immerse students and transform the way students interact with lessons.”

To learn more about ClassFlow visit their website.


Educators, don’t forget that we support educational programs worldwide by offering free PRO accounts for teachers and students.

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