Sketchfab Store Launch Celebration. Get 10% Off Any Purchase Thru July 4th

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We first unveiled the Sketchfab Store Beta in January. Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of our industry-defining 3D asset store including a host of improvements based on your feedback to provide what we believe is the most intuitive way to purchase 3D models online.

The Sketchfab Store combines our powerful browser-based 3D player and Model Inspector to let buyers scrutinize every aspect of a model including textures and topology in real-time. And with VR and AR support out of the box providing immersive ways to review models before purchase, our store take the guesswork out of purchasing 3D files online, an industry first.

But we haven’t stopped there. During the past six months we’ve solicited feedback from buyers and sellers and regularly added new features in response to your recommendations. We developed a new model page layout for store models that’s better optimized to sell content and surface the information that’s relevant to buyers. We’ve also made some adjustments to our search system to highlight relevant results in the Sketchfab Store while continuing to support our vibrant existing community of creators.

Our optimized Sketchfab Store model page


We’ve added a rating and reviews system that sits alongside our existing comments to help buyers make informed decisions and the system is limited to confirmed buyers to encourage honest reviewing and allows sellers an opportunity to address any feedback they receive.

We’ve listened to your feedback and improved upon the Beta Store experience by adding a full shopping cart / checkout system to allow you to purchase multiple models from multiple sellers in one transaction.

Our shopping cart and discount code support

And, last but not least, we’ve added a discount code system that will allow us to work with sellers to periodically offer discounts on items in the store to encourage sales. In that spirit, to celebrate the launch of the store we are offering 10% off your next purchase!

Use Discount Code SKETCHFAB10 at checkout to get 10% off your next purchase from the Sketchfab Store. The offer is valid through July 4th.

With Store buyers already including such prominent brands as Apple, Amazon, and HTC, the Store is selling to everyone from indie game developers to global corporations.

Store seller Matthias Andre from BitGem says, “It’s a great place to buy assets because customers can inspect models from all angles instead of browsing through cherry-picked presentation images. For sellers, it’s hassle-free as there is no need to create extensive presentation material. It’s easy to create great looking 3D previews and even showcase animations.”

The store exits Beta today with tens of thousands of high quality 3D models and textures ready to be used in every conceivable 3D project from animation and visual effects to video games, 3D printing, VR, and Augmented Reality. Many sellers have already realized sales of over $1000. If you’re interested in becoming a seller, now is the perfect time to join while we’re making a big splash. Our seller guidelines give a great overview of application requirements, good practices, and what to expect.

Blog image credit: “City Set – Smashy Craft Series” by BitGem

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