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You can publish 3D models to Sketchfab directly from within SolidWorks, using our Solidworks-to-Sketchfab exporter! Many thanks to Andrey Dankevich who made it.

Here is a quick demo of how it works.

And here are detailed instructions:

1. Download the exporter from GitHub and install it.

2. Run SolidWorks, and make sure that the exporter add-in is loaded. Go to menu Tools > Add-ins. Find Exporter and make sure the box on the left is checked:



3. Once the add-in is loaded you can see “Publish to Sketchfab” command under File menu:

4. When you click on this command a dialog shows up where you can type properties of the model:

Note: there’s a possibility to save all these data in the file summary information. If you do this, next time you open this dialog it will be automatically displayed with saved info.

5. When you click Publish button the model is uploaded to Sketchfab. Once it completes the Sketchfab page will open in your browser. You can then embed the viewer with your model on any webpage.

Note: the model is published in STL file format. Color information is not preserved in this version. Also be aware of the unit of measure STL is exported with. You can set it in the STL export options dialog (read more about it here).

Mini disclaimer

This script is provided as-is. If there are any bugs or problems, you can leave a comment here or open an issue on the project’s GitHub page. This add-in has been developed and tested on SolidWorks 2012.

Give it a try, any feedback welcome! And many thanks again to Andrey Dankevich!

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