Squarespace adds Sketchfab Integration

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The popular website building platform Squarespace has added support for Sketchfab embeds. And adding an embed couldn’t be easier: select ‘Embed’ when you’re inserting a new content block:

Next, copy a model link from your browser and paste it in:

That’s all! There are just two things to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes it takes a few seconds for Squarespace to load your embed. If at first it says the model can’t be embedded, just wait and it’ll be fine.
  • Don’t use the short skfb.ly links – those will not work.


– Bart


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Sketchfab Team

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  • Avatar Kumar Singh says:

    Do you need to have a paid plan to be able to embed models onto your own website? If I’m understanding the FAQs properly, then it seems like you can but there will be a watermark and URL associated with the embed unless you have a paid plan, but it seems a little fuzzy as to if a free plan can still embed models onto other sites.

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