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We’re back with the best embeds of the week! We have been really impressed with the quality and quantity of the 3D models so it was a tough choice. However, we had to make it, so, here are the ones that made the cut.

These 3D marvels are awesome so keep being #Sketchfabulous.

Even tweet about it and get your friends involved because no one wants FOMO (fear of missing out).

And hey, if you want to be featured as a 3D all-star next week, shoot us an email at:

Featured Embed:

This week’s featured embed is a brand new product released by HTC, the revolutionary RE Camera. The RE is in between a flip camera and a go pro that is compact and waterproof. Pretty cool, huh? So check out the really cool features and different colors; green, whiteorange, and navy. If you want to see more of HTC’s products check out their Sketchfab page here.

More Cool Embeds:

Make sure to you remember to embed, it looks really cool and it is super easy! Click the share button under the model and BOOM copy + paste and you are done.

Have a #Sketchfabulous week, 



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