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When our World of Tanks Diorama Contest launched, the news was on all theirinternational World of Tanks portals – from Russia to Spain, France and their English version. ‘Work in Progress’ entries are already appearing on our Artwork forum!

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Cool crowdfunding embeds

  • C-mi is the first camera drone designed with real world usability in mind. See what you are capturing during flight and share it easily on social medias. The drone can even follow you – a 3D model of the GPS tracker is on Sketchfab! Preorder yours on Kickstarter.
  • Also on Kickstarter, HemaVision is a computer vision thermal imager that lets you see in the dark and diagnose problems in your building or anywhere temperatures are important. 3 days left to get one!
  • Protect your bike with the TiGr Lock. A strong, lightweight, titanium Bow-Lock designed to work in harmony with you and your bike. Elegant, versatile and simple, TiGr Lock protects your bike while freeing you to enjoy the ride. 200 people already preordered one!
  • Fan of wooden products? Trobla is a beautiful wooden amplifier for your smartphone. With no complex technology involved, simple and sustainable, it can easily be thrown into your bag, so you can create atmosphere wherever you go.
  • The Lunaluxx is combine both magnetic suspension and remote-phosphor lightning technologies, to freely suspend a light emitting disc in mid air. This beautiful levitating lamp is on Kickstarter as well, with a nice 3D model!
  • With the MoonLight, your tent is now a positive contributor to your trip, not just something you crawl into at night. They are weight and cost competitive tents that are roomier, stronger, and have features that make them more reliable and easy to use. Check it out!
  • Live on Indiegogo, the ergonomic and programmable ErgoDox EZ keyboard is now about to be easily available to everyone as a complete polished product. It’s a proven unique keyboard. Three weeks left to preorder yours.
  • Meteor is an activity tracker created specifically for footballers. You wrap it around your calf, beneath your sock to gather the most accurate, real-time analysis of your shot strength, vertical jump and running attributes. It’s on Indiegogo as well!

– Bart


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