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Aerial photography with drones is nothing new, but this Norwegian site takes it one step further by applying the results to a game development project in this very detailed project description. (The link is Google translated).

Other cool embeds:

  • The Pointfuse software converts cloud points of 3D scans into vector models. They have a nice Sketchfab embed on their homepage to illustrate the result.
  • Check out the awe-inspiring Ember Titan in all its different variations. Time lapse included!
  • Airush is illustrating their collection of action kites with 3D models (click the 3D model to see it).
  • Get your skateboard gear at NHS Fun Factory and see their boards in 3D (textures not included, unfortunately 😉
  • If you need a timber frame, you can get your building plans at Timber Frame Headquarters!

And here are some nice embeds from crowdfunding campaigns:

  • Ding is a reinvented bike light, lighting up your path ahead and around your ride at the same time. It’s great to bike at night and be seen from all angles. You can preorder yours on Kickstarter!
  • A suitcase 3D printer? TeeBot is easy to transport and can be moved around during events and meetings. Two weeks left before the end of their campaign.
  • Asmo is a charger that does not waste any electricity on standby and makes your home more fire-safe. No need to unplug your charger anymore! Check it out on Indiegogo.

– Bart


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