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If you’re an Occulus fan like we are, you may well want to meet Palmer Luckey. While we can’t give you that, you can now meet him virtually in your DK2. Read all about it on reddit.

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Here are some nice embeds from crowdfunding campaigns:

  • Auto-backup your files on-the-go with Revault. It’s a smartwatch with a wearable wireless storage that allows you to securely access and sync all your files across all your devices without an internet connection. Love the watch? Enter our contest!

  • MONO glasses are affordable, custom-made, and 3D printed glasses. Its no screw, no hinge, and ultra-light one monolithic frame fits to everyone. Four days left to preorder yours on Indiegogo!

  • The OFFBITS are build-it-yourself robots made of up-cycled components. Connect the bots and create your own designs! They just closed a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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