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Today I’m talking to Rosalie Mantion, who is one of the two owners of 3D Sauce. They sell 3D assets for games on several asset markets. Rosalie is a 3D Artist specialized in low poly modeling and hand painted textures.

Check out their profile here on Sketchfab to see more of their work.

Can you introduce 3D Sauce to us?

3D sauce is a small Montreal based studio that specialises in creating and selling royalty free game assets and game templates. We are striving to forge our very own asset empire!

It all began just a little over a year ago. Graham (my partner in crime) began creating and selling customisable Playmaker game templates. When I saw the success he was having on the Unity Asset Store, I couldn’t resist following suit. Since then, he and I have been hard at work, coming up with cool and innovative ideas to satisfy game makers around the world.

Low Poly Lamps and Candles by 3dsauce on Sketchfab

How many people do you have on your team?

There are two master minds in this affair. Myself, Rosalie Mantion (aka Master Boss) and Graham Bailey (The Brains). You can see us as both sides of the same coin. Graham is the technical shy guy, and I’m the artsy fartsy loud mouth.

How does 3D Sauce work?

Graham and I work around the clock to produce the highest quality assets possible. When ready, we publish our assets across various online retailers. Game makers are then able to purchase these assets to populate their own projects, at a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken to produce them in house. We also offer our services as freelance artists to any studio in need of an extra pair of eyes and hands. Here are a few of the many places you can find our handiwork:

Did you find that adding Sketchfab embeds improved sales for your assets?

Sketchfab has proven an indispensable tool in showcasing our models. It gives potential customers the ability to interact with the product and have an accurate preview of what they can expect from our assets. I can pump out screenshots all day, but nothing shows off a model better than being able to fully rotate around it or zoom in to see the fine details.

Low Poly Graves by 3dsauce on Sketchfab

(You can find Low Poly Graves on the Unity Asset Store)

Can you talk a bit about your favorite model on Sketchfab?

When I’m browsing Sketchfab, I am always impressed by the sheer amount of talent across the board. It makes me want to give my all, to one day be up there with the greats! If I had to think of one model in particular that really impressed me, it would be ToshHsu’s Barbarian.

The hand­painted textures and his subtle use of sharp black outlines blows me away! At first I was thinking “did Sketchfab add an outline feature?” On closer inspection I noticed his clever use of back face culling. I love models that push the limits of both art and tech, and this particular piece does it to perfection!

Do you have any new projects in the works right now?

As a matter of fact I do! I’ve spent the last few weeks modeling, painting and animating a fun little character that we will be using in many of our upcoming (and previous) game templates. It will also be available separately for anybody to use in their own projects. I present to you, Steampunk Hero!

Steampunk Hero by 3dsauce on Sketchfab

He is already available on our website. (Notice the sharp black outline? don’t tell ToshHsu I stole his idea!).

As our template portfolio grows, this little guy will acquire additional animations and unique skins to make him more versatile.

Right now he has all the animations you would need to make him the hero of an endless running game, but you can expect him to support other genres in time such as platforming, 3rd person RPG, etc.

We have a bunch of new projects in the works that we are extremely excited about. Be sure to follow us to stay up to date. You can find us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter for product updates and special offers!

Thanks Rosalie!

– Bart


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