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We’re thrilled to announce that Twitter has added native Sketchfab support! You can now share and browse 3D & VR scenes directly from tweets without leaving your timeline.



It’s child’s play to embed the Sketchfab viewer in the world’s largest microblogging platform. Simply paste a Sketchfab link in your tweet and it will render the Sketchfab viewer when someone clicks the thumbnail on desktop and mobile. The Sketchfab VR mode, compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR, can also be triggered directly from a tweet.

Today’s move continues the trend of Sketchfab becoming the de-facto media player for 3D and VR content globally, adding Twitter support to its already impressive list of supporters including Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Sketchfab offers the only solution to share and explore 3D and VR content from these platforms and we want to add many others to the list. These strategic partnerships make Sketchfab the best solution to bring more than a million 3D and VR experiences to the broadest audience. As VR interest continues to grow, Sketchfab continues to be one of the best tools to evangelize this interactive and immersive medium.

We’d like to thank the Twitter team for trusting our vision and making this happen. Long live the bluebird!


Note: the integration may not work with models that were already shared on Twitter in the past. This issue should be solved in the coming days when Twitter’s web crawlers re-index the Card tag information.

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