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Guest post by Phil Nolan

Sketchfab is a great way to show off your textured models in full 3D. When uploading, your models will need to have only UV mapped images, JPG and PNG are best. If any of your textures are not UV image based, such as procedurals or Surface colors, they will need to be baked into an image. With your finished model loaded in Modeler go to File > Export > OBJ.


Make a .Zip file with the OBJ, MTL, and all of the texture images. Then, after logging into Sketchfab, go to the Dashboard and click “Add New Model” and upload the Zip file.


When the model is finished uploading click the new thumbnail image on the Dashboard to open it. In the upper right click Edit. Here you can give it a name, description, and tags. If you like you can also change the background or environment, add ambient occlusion, and even make changes to the materials.

Here is the model in full glory and interactive 3D!

Note form Sketchfab: Thanks Phil for the blog post! We’d love to have a LightWave exporter as well, feel free to reach out to support@sketchfab.com if you want to help us with that! And if you feel like making a tutorial blog post for your own favorite 3D package, we’d love to publish it as well.

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