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VARTISTE Adds Sketchfab Import Integration

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We’re pleased to announce that VARTISTE, a virtual reality drawing and texturing app that already offers direct upload to Sketchfab, now supports the import of Sketchfab models into the app.

VARTISTE is an Open Source project that can be used on desktop or mobile devices but is designed for VR headsets that support OpenXR. Users can import both free Creative Commons licensed models and models that have been purchased from the Sketchfab Store and then paint directly onto them, automatically assigning materials to the appropriate PBR textures.

How to import Sketchfab models into VARTISTE

  1. Click Project / Settings on the Quick Menu shelf
  2. Click the Sketchfab icon
  3. Click the Log into Sketchfab button
  4. Click the Edit Search Query button, and type in what you are searching for
  5. Click the Search button to bring up the results
  6. (Optional) Click the Import as reference model button only if you want the model to be un-editable
  7. Click the button for the model you want in the search query
  8. The model will take a little while to load, but then you can draw on it, animate it, or use it as a drawing reference.

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