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Viewer API: Dodge Charger Customization Station

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Dan Petker is a graduating student of Lethbridge College Multimedia Production Program.

I have developed a project that I am very proud of and it relied heavily on Sketchfab for its success. To summarize the project, I created a 3D car customization website.

Dan uses the hide and show functions of the Viewer API to create a pretty robust configurator for his 1964 Dodge Charger model. You can change the color scheme and toggle many different components like the rims, bumper, and spoiler. Check it out!

This is an article in our API Spotlight series, highlighting projects that customize our viewer through our API.

Most interestingly, he’s created a Utility object that abstracts API calls to make it simpler to use:

Util.ShowMeshByPattern( theApi, 'CarBodyPaint_Black', false );

It’s in the same vein as shaderbytes’ Utility, which is a great way to make using the API simpler and more readable in big projects.

Great work, Dan! Can’t wait to see where you go from here 🙂

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