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We have some good news today: our friends down under at AIE have announced the winners of their Construct3D modeling competition! 

It all began back in June, when Brendan Bottomley, an instructor at AIE, approached us about adding the Academy to our list of school partners. Many of you may remember Brendan from his Octopus diorama, which came in first place in Polycounts VG Remix contest that we sponsored, and is now one of our top 3 most faved models ever.

It began a relationship that we hope will last for a long time. If you’re not familiar, AIE is a fantastic 3D design school in Australia, and is run by just overall awesome guys. 

We let them know that we’d be willing to sponsor a contest for their program, and we’re very happy they agreed. The theme, as you can imagine, was to construct something in 3D; the artists were encouraged to interpret that however they saw fit. All in all it was a big success, with 120 participants, and 90 final entries. Even the judges were rockstars, with artists from Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Sony and EA lending their voices to the competition. 

Take a look below at the winners and runners up for the 5 categories – Prop, Environment, Character, Vehicle and Student only. It’s truly a celebration of amazing 3D art!


Winner – AK47 – Construct3D from CarlK3D

Runner Up – fire Extinguisher from Hannes Delbeke


Winner – Orange Sector Dam from joshvanzuylen

Runner Up – Kraken House from CharlieWilson


Winner – Tedy + Beast from dlconcepts

Runner Up – Icarus from aaron.p.martin


Winner – Tanks Construct3D from jacksteel

Runner Up – Pod Racer from trent.cabban on Sketchfab


Winner – Overkill – Construct3D from JustinKirkwood

Runner Up – Chainsaw from timvizesi

Thanks again to Brendan for organising such a great contest, and we hope to see you all next year for the 2014 edition!!

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