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This announcement is out of date, and some information is deprecated. You can find up-to-date information about the ZBrush exporter in the Help Center.

We are very happy to finally release our ZBrush to Sketchfab exporter, letting you publish your models directly from ZBrush to Sketchfab in a couple of clicks!


Here is a quick video demo, and below the installation instructions.

1 – Open explorer on PC or finder on Mac, in ZBrush’s installation folder:

(By default on Windows : C:Program Files (x86)PixologicZBrush 4R5)

(By default on MacOSX : /Applications/ZBrush 4R5/)

2 – Enter the “ZStartup” folder, then the “ZPlugs” folder

3 – Download the zbrush2sketchfab exporter on sketchfab.com/exporters and unzip it.

4- Open the appropriate zip archive (mac or windows, according to your system) and copy the “Sketchfabdata” folder and “Sketchfab.zsc” file in the “ZPlugs” folder.

5 – Run ZBrush, you must have a new “SketchfabUploader” sub-palette in the “Zplugin” menu.

6 – Fill in title, caption, API key (you can find it on your Sketchfab dashboard)

Special thanks to Nick, Pietro, Thomas and Maxime who put a lot of work for it!

And here is a test model embedded below 🙂

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  • Eshtiaque Ahmad says:

    Hi Sketchfab team,

    I downloaded sketchfab exporter for zbrush 4R7. But its not worked. Can anyone help to get this issue solve?

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