The Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) for Your Business

Augmented reality is a powerful tool to enrich your customer journey; you can leverage it for various experiences such as eCommerce, trade shows, virtual showrooms, and more. 

This technology is especially relevant during uncertain times when many brands need to accelerate their digitization to better serve clients online. 

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, or AR, refers to the technology that superimposes a digital object (filter, image, text, etc.) in a real-life environment. AR is already available in gaming applications like Pokemon Go, social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, and in multiple shopping apps.

Benefits of Augmented Reality for your business

Increase buyer confidence and improve the shopping experience

Augmented reality gives a better feel for the product, and closes the imagination gap. With 3D, customers can explore all the details and functionalities of a product from the comfort of their home—and with AR they can see how it would look in their space. 

Real-life measurements for products

AR provides a more intuitive sense of the product size. With Sketchfab’s AR technology, products can be scaled to life-size. Shoppers can observe the products in actual size and compare them to real objects.

Increase sales

Augmented reality has been proven to dramatically increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce product return. 

AR is a great asset for Groupe SEB products, especially for those that will have to sit on a kitchen counter since it will help shoppers in appreciating their real size. That will reduce uncertainty and give shoppers more confidence when buying, thus increasing conversion and generating less return, which is key given the importance of logistical costs in eCommerce.

Pauline Junne, EMEA eCategory Manager

Below is an example of how Groupe SEB leverages this new AR feature.

Click the AR button on the bottom right to try it out!

If you’re reading this article on your desktop or laptop and clicked the AR button, you’ve probably noticed that this brings up a handy QR code that you can scan with your mobile device’s built-in camera to access AR. You can also right-click on the QR code and download it for an advertising campaign or print it out for location-based engagement.

How do I share my models in Augmented Reality via Sketchfab?

Sketchfab supports native Augmented Reality (AR) on both iOS and Android devices for all clients with a Premium license. AR can be added on any webpage and users can access it directly without any additional app on their Android or Apple mobile devices.

To integrate app-free Native AR into your eCommerce site, you need a Premium license. Anyone with a compatible device will be able to view a model in AR. 

Augmented Reality by Sketchfab is easy to activate and implement on your website. Check out our help center for detailed instructions.

Want to leverage Augmented Reality?

We hope this article gave you a better sense of the benefits of AR for your business. To access app-free AR, just visit our Plans page and subscribe to the Premium license.