How Much Does it Cost to Create 3D Models?

Whether you plan to create a virtual experience with 3D or Augmented Reality, the first step of your process consists of creating 3D models of the products you want to showcase.

Most brands that we work with find that 3D content already exists for their manufacturing process and can be repurposed. We encourage you to reach back into your production pipeline to look for existing 3D content.

Sketchfab is not a 3D creation tool; we provide cloud hosting for 3D assets and technology to easily showcase and share these 3D models and experiences on the web or in AR. In addition, we work with a network of content partners who can assist you with 3D content creation.

This article is written with the help of one of our content creation partners, InVRsion. It will help you better assess the cost associated with creating different types of 3D models.

Breaking down the price of 3D models

The cost of creating 3D models will typically depend on the complexity and quality of your model, the method used to create the model, and the agency or artist that you are working with. 

On average, a simple 3D model will cost from $40 to $200, while a more complex model costs from $200 to $1000, and a very complex model can cost up to a few thousand dollars.

InVRsion uses advanced photogrammetry and modeling techniques, and follow a full set of guidelines that contains a strict methodology for the 3D asset creation workflow, but other partners can use other methods to create 3D models.

3D Model ComplexityCharacteristicsArtist Difficulty
SimpleSimple shape with simple texture and standard PBR material assigned.Junior 3D artist
MediumDetailed shape or simple organic shape with simple texture and somewhat complex PBR material assigned.Junior 3D artist
HighSuper-detailed shape or partly organic shape with highly complex texture and somewhat complex PBR material assigned.Advanced 3D artist
Very highSuper-detailed shape or highly organic shape with highly complex texture and highly complex PBR material assigned.Senior 3D artist
3D Model ComplexityApproximate CostHours Needed
Simple< $40> 2
Medium< $180> 15
High< $650> 40
Very high< $650> 50

Estimate costs for different models provided by our partner, inVRsion.

Cost of 3D models — Simple complexity: $40 - $250

Click the images to engage with the models in 3D.

Nescafé Gran Aroma

Price range: $40 – $75

Duration: 2.5 hours average


Gillette MACH3 Star

Price range: $40 – $75

Duration: 3.5 hours average


Lay’s Classic

Price range: $40 – $75

Duration: 3 hours average


Artemide Tolomeo Lamp Light

Price range: $180 – $220

Duration: 8 hours average


Diesel Foscarini Cage Ceiling Lamp

Price range: $200 – $250

Duration: 12 hours average

Cost of 3D models — Medium complexity: $180 - $650


Thun Mini Panda Doo

Price range: $180 – $250

Duration: 15 hours average


Moroso Nebula Nine Sofa

Price range: $300 – $350

Duration: 16 hours average


Moroso Chubby Chic

Price range: $300 – $380

Duration: 18 hours average


Moulinex Food Processor HF4041

Price range: $300 – $380

Duration: 20 hours average


Bally Jannelle Shoe

Price range: $550 – $650

Duration: 38 hours average

Cost of 3D models — High complexity > $650

Fendi Handbag

Price range: $850 – $1150

Duration: 60 hours average

Cost of 3D models — Very high complexity > $650

Bally Crew Backpack

Price range: $900 – $1200

Duration: 68 hours average


New Balance Shoe Model

Price range: $950 – $1250

Duration: 80 hours average


Dishwasher Bosch Series 2 Silence

Price range: $650 – $900

Duration: 42 hours average

Finding a content creator

Now that you have a better idea of the cost involved with creating 3D models, visit Sketchfab’s partner directory to find a suitable content creator.