Potion Integrates Sketchfab

We are excited to announce that Sketchfab is now integrated in Potion, a community platform. Thanks to our generous community of creators, Potion clients now have 3 million models they can post to engage their communities.

About Potion

Potion is a French customer community Saas (Software as a Service) platform for retail, brands, and startups. Potion gives their clients the tools needed to build online communities where customer engagement can be promoted and tracked.

Sketchfab + Potion

In addition to being able to customize these platforms to suit individual brand needs with templates, challenges, contests, and discussion groups, thanks to our API, Potion’s clients can now add 3D content to their custom communities.

Showcase your products in stunning details

3D is a novel way to interact with products on the web. Your community will be able to experience 3D models and explore them from all angles and in more detail than through any static image. They can zoom in, zoom out and rotate the product. This is much more efficient and inherently engaging for the user.

Annotations are also a great way to add interactivity. You are actually experiencing a digital twin of the model, the closest you can get to the actual thing with more details about the product.

Bebop by Parrot on Sketchfab

VR integration

On top of that, Sketchfab allows you to play your models in AR or VR directly from the web.

Easy integration

Because Sketchfab’s 3D player is built with proprietary technology built on WebGL, it is compatible with all devices and browsers. Adding and downloading a file is as easy as dragging the file from your desktop into the browser. To integrate your models easily, follow these 3 steps.

You can learn more about Potion and see some example use cases, clients, resources, and more, on their website.

To learn more about how Sketchfab can help your business, visit us.