Your Products Can Now be Explored in VR with the Oculus Quest Directly from Sketchfab

We are happy to announce that Sketchfab runs on the new Oculus Quest VR headset. The Quest has the benefit of being untethered from a computer, and allows you to enter ‘room-scale’ VR without any additional hardware.

A new path to immersive experiences

Anything published on Sketchfab is immediately explorable in VR with the Oculus Quest, so you can now easily let your customers explore all your 3D content in VR.

This has great showroom or exhibition potential as a tool to showcase your products or experiences and advise buyers in a whole new way. The “fun” part of the experience and the ability to get a feel for products allow your brand to create an incredibly immersive experience and encourage foot traffic at your booths and events worldwide.

This works directly from any Sketchfab embed too, so you can simply embed 3D previews on your website, and any visitor who has a VR headset will be able to explore those in VR with just one click/tap.

How to use the headset?

Anything you publish on Sketchfab is now accessible on the Quest. First, make sure to set up the VR scene using our VR editor. Then go to the Oculus Quest browser, set it to desktop mode (top right corner), and visit Then you can view any model in VR by hitting the VR button.

Side note: you can teleport yourself by pointing to the place you want to go and hitting the trigger, and you can change your scale using the joystick.