Bieffe Rendering


Verona, Italy


Sketchfab Profile


Bieffe believes in working smarter and being cost-effective. This is why they believe in CGI technology, to create digital prototypes of products and environments. CGI is an extraordinary way to review the product’s appearance, highlight its performance, and produce photorealistic imagery to capture the viewer’s attention. Bringing products to life with stunning photorealistic imagery enables endless possibilities. CGI allows you to show all color variations, different types of material, and different environments (lighting, decoration, time of day…) without having to photograph each individual product, saving both time and cost.
You can choose to create beautiful imagery, stunning creative sets, or detailed demonstration movies, real-time configurator, augmented, and virtual reality immersions using Bieffe’s photorealistic CGI. Your products will be brought to life with razor-sharp detail and realism, showcasing them in their best light. Bieffe bases their DNA on three fundamental words: QUALITY – QUALITY – QUALITY.


  • 3D Content Creation: 3D modeling
  • Development using Sketchfab APIs


  • High Fashion and Accessories