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Today, we are happy to introduce a new plan: Sketchfab Plus. Many of you have been asking for a plan in between our Basic and Pro plans, both in terms of feature set and pricing. Sketchfab Plus boosts all features from the basic plan (like more annotations, larger file size, etc), while being very affordable at $7/month (paid annually, or $9 if paid monthly).

We are also making changes to our Basic plan: you will still benefit from unlimited uploads, as long as your models are available for download, either free (under a Creative Commons license), or on our Store. Models which are “view-only” (i.e., that you can’t download) will be capped to 1 upload per month for Basic users, 10 per month for Plus users, and 20 30 per month for Pro users. We are also introducing a credit system, which gives you upload credits when you turn view-only models into downloadable models. You can read more about our new capping rules in our Help Center.

‘Van Gogh Room’ by Ruslans3d, one of our most popular downloadable models.

Our vision is for Sketchfab to be the home for 3D models online, which means being the go-to place for both uploading and downloading 3D models. We believe that Sketchfab models are more useful for the community if they can also leave the platform and be used to build other projects. We are super grateful for the community – you have already contributed over 200,000 models available for free under creative commons, and over 60,000 models in our Store.

While those contributions are great, it is a small number compared to the more than 3,000,000 files published on Sketchfab, and we want to help make more of this content useful outside of Sketchfab. Content that is view-only is not usable in other projects by anyone but the author, and costs us money to host. As you know, advertising is not part of our business model, and the only way we make money is either through paid subscriptions or paid content. We think this model is more aligned with our creators first’ DNA. Other creative platforms like Vimeo or SoundCloud have adopted a similar approach, charging for professional tools and content in order to provide a great platform without depending on advertising, without polluting creative content with intrusive ads, and without making users pay for the service with their personal data.

We think this change is the best option for our creators and our community. It is also a change we need to make in order to keep building and improving Sketchfab for years to come. On top of giving you access to an advanced feature set, it means a lot to us that you are able to support the platform via a paid membership, and we thank you in advance for that. For more information, you can visit our Help Center.

Co-founder and CEO

Update September 26 – I have shared more insights into our decision making process on our forum.

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Alban Denoyel

Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab.


  • I rely heavily on Sketchfab in sharing my research (e.g. My experience in using 3D models in preserving Cultural Heritage is reflected in media coverage (e.g. It is from this particular vantage point that I humbly ask Sketchfab to reconsider the move to force the transition to downloadable models without adjusting its licensing options to the legal framework of Cultural Resource Management. For example, sharing a downloaded 3D model from a Sketchfab-posted 3D scan of a Maya artifact from Mexico may be illegal unless a copyright from the Mexican government is obtained for every use. I am well aware of and grateful for Sketchfab support in offering free Pro accounts and discounted Premium accounts to research and educational institutions. However, I am worried that many colleagues would be deterred from Sketchfab as they would see the changes as an erosion of their copyright privileges.

  • Fabian Orrego says:

    You make the rules, but I think that forcing people to share/sell models or pay is not the right way.

  • Hi Alexandre,

    Just to be clear, we are not forcing any models to be made downloadable – this is and always will be the choice of the original uploader. We are aware that some culturally sensitive content should not be made available for download and re-use.

    As you note, academics and cultural heritage projects on the free Pro plan are still able to upload 20 non-downloadable models a month. This should be enough for all but the most prolific uploaders. If more uploads are required, we hope that Sketchfab is considered valuable enough to begin paying for (and there are 50% discounts on Premium and Business subscriptions, too).

  • SleepyEngi says:

    Well RIP user content. Some people want to upload their models without them being stolen. That is in fact most people if you check the downloadable to un downloadable ratio. Way to kill the platform, sketchfab team. People would rather not upload their models at all than to give them away.

  • nope sketchfab announces they want more money from us. thats it.
    for the past years I’ve used your platform to upload and share my work, but over the years I’ve noticed how the platform has shapped into this fully commercial enviroment were they want to compete with cgtrader or turbosquid, and its fine… just stop pretending is not that.

    so over the years I’ve seen how we went from the optional pro account to not the compulsory one, since they have disabled models we have uploaded with our pro membership so now if you want to continue to display those models you have to keep paying. and now they have kept cutting out features we used to have, until whats next? having the post process features also disabled?.. you know I loved your platform but now I’m more like… leaving.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    We’re not forcing you to make your models downloadable – if you need to upload more then one a month, just get a Plus plan.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    In October 2018, we introduced the notion of disabled models, but this did not remove features from any subscription level, rather it requires you to be on a given subscription level to continue using its features (file size limits, custom backgrounds, etc.). We also would have notified you several times leading up to this change, so “being de-listed with out proper notification” is a bit unfair.

    In fact, in the past year, we’ve added more features to all members including free, (Ground Shadows, Anisotropy, tons of integrations with new software and hardware, and routine improvements to the stability and performance of the 3D viewer and website), while only one new feature I can think of limited to paying users (Model Duplication).

  • SleepyEngi says:

    Yes, you are. Most modelers make way more than 1 model a month, I´d think you should know that.
    Can you imagine if youtube didn´t permit video uploads more than once a month, unless the users forfeited their rights to their content and made it downloadable for everyone to reupload?
    Well it´s the same here. But stealing a model is way easier than stealing a video. Most people will rather not upload than make their models downloadable or simply switch platforms entirely. By doing this, you´re limiting most of your user content to one model a month, and it´s just not going to compare.

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    Well sure, but Youtube is making money with advertising and selling user data – two things we don’t do.

  • Thanks to everyone for voicing their concerns and feedback. It means a lot to us that you care so much about those changes, which also means you care about the product we provide. I wanted to clarify here some of the reasons behind our decisions:

  • my dear dudes, I dont know if you deleted my comment I dont care- either way.
    look I love… loved maybe this platform because thanks to you I improved and grew as a 3d artist. my very first 3d models I made in blender some years ago were uploaded in here.
    and its alright you want to compete with the other 3d stores its alright just stop pretending sketchfab is an art gallery when y you really want to be an asset store.
    the thing is… this is just plain extortion… what if I’m a hobbist that wants to share his work for feedback… with one model a month thats impossible. what if I dont have the money to upload another one. fuck now I must delete the old one to recover that credit, maybe it was a really cool model but now fuck that I must delete it.

    so yeah I understand you need money, but doing this.. and over time having limited the amount of things that were possible with each account you are killing us.

    some time ago I got a pro account I setted up my models and all taking advange of that, next month, they are all disabled cause you only have pro features for as long as you keep paying for them it doesnt matter if you did those things while you were having a pro membership…

    alright… got over it, reseted all my things back to normal…
    and now this?

    yeah I used to love you… and now I feel betrayed for reals.
    I’ve done what I could to recommend your platform to my friends and clients I’ve been an evangelist on how cool you guys were and now.

    even challenges are pointless now cause if I can only upload one thing a month im pretty sure it wont be wasted on a challenge model.

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