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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi everybody,

My name is Antony, I’m 22, and I’m a 3D artist from Paris. I have never studied 3D, so I have learned by practicing software. The purpose of most of my creations is to bring viewers to think and feel something.

Jump in!

My inspirations are varied. One week ago I played “Inside” and more recently “Limbo” and fell in love with the aesthetic from those games:

But I didn’t want to create a dark scene without meaning. And I remembered an image of the French film “99F”:

Then I worked on the scene’s concept: the duality of the sadness of society and the hope that keeps us alive in spite of it.

To illustrate the darkness of society, the scene had to be impressive and eye catching. So I created big buildings with a lot of electric cables to create many shadows and contrasts. All of the characters in the scene don’t have faces, only monochromatic skin, and their heads down. They have balloons in their hands, which symbolizes Hope. However, the main character leaves his balloon behind with his descent.


While I worked, I wanted the composition to have a clean look, without useless elements.

Working without a lot of polys is always an exciting challenge! The light had to cut the landscape to create the volumes. But the city couldn’t be “sunny”, so I used one spot to illuminate the scene and one more to focus the attention on the main character. Thanks to that technique, I managed to control the ambiance. Then I added a rain layer to create a more harmonious environment. My rain is a simple 6k particles system with a grey emit texture.

The last stage is to add the glow layer to highlight the screens on buildings, like a New York night. Afterwards, I activated the SSD to underline the details.

To finish, I would like to thanks everyone for the feedback and comments. I appreciate a lot!

Thank you so much Sketchfab!

Thank you, Antony! What did you learn about lighting? Any questions? Leave them below in the comments section! 

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