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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hello friends! This post is about my model “Mountain rebels”. The story of this scene is about three rebels living in the snowy mountains. The old man is Albrecht Božo, he survived the World War and now staying away from politics in his cabin. His son, Henrich Božo is chopping a logs for the fireplace. He is 34 years old. Not so young , but still can kick some capitalistic ass! Jacob Zlatan smokes a pipe with tobacco and resting after the expedition. He departed from his country and stay here with his war buddy.

My name is Yury (Duneholy) and I am living in Moscow. I have no job now, all my time I spend on improving my 3d skills and creating various stories for the games. I want to be a game designer / scenarist and I think it would be simpler if I can transform my ideas to the art like this. It will be great if I found a way to animate my models and then make a game on unity or in other programs.

I am interested in steampunk, dieselpunk and cyberpunk. In my mind I’m trying to merge them in one big universe. Also, I like dark fantasy (the Witcher, Dark Souls, Lovecraft’s tales) – it inspires me to do many of my works.

Darkest Dungeon Mansion

Darkest Dungeon Mansion

I started voxel art in December 2015. Don’t remember why, but somewhere I found MagicaVoxel and just downloaded it. My first model was my room and me, I really liked how this app is easy to use and variety of beautiful colors there. Then I created the Darkest Dungeon mansion and was promoted on the official twitter channel of the game. So now I was invited by the Sketchfab team to post my work there. This is a really cool website with a great community and light / model properties edit. These 3d settings are very useful for me: I still don’t understand how to use Blender or other soft (for adding a 8-10 light sources to my model, for example). And another awesome thing: baked .ply model from MagicaVoxel looks fantastic with Sketchfab edit.

My style is so dark. I like scenes where only one torch is lighting the cave, or night scenes. Also, I like to add some spooky things to my works: dead bodies, skeletons, bloody rituals and other dark fantasy attributes. But in this set of winter models I decided to change my style and make them bright (but I still use destroyed buildings and “realism”).

Before making this scene in voxels I created it in my mind: who are these people? Why are they situated here? Where is this place? I didn’t have access to my PC when I started to think about this scene so I started to draw characters in my diary:

After that, I came home and ran Magicavoxel. This is what I drew there:

I changed their positions, added one more character and started to make the house:

My modeling process is always eclectic: I can create 1/3 of scene in one color and then paint it to see what to do next. Or I made colored model from the beginning. In this case, I started to paint the house because don’t know from what material it must be – bricks or wood, color of that bricks.


I decided to use these colors:


Then I tried to make snow on the roof and snowflakes but didn’t like the result. Also, I added the grass:


I undid my changes and started again:


Finally I was satisfied with the snow. And I make the bricks little bit ruined:


Then I upload my model to the Sketchfab, played with colors. The results was great:

This is how I created my “Mountain rebels” model. I really like it and making other episodes from life of these guys.

Check my Sketchfab profile to see more!  I also have a page on behance  – I upload high resolution images of my works and made a cool posts there.
You can support my art on Patreon:  btw I accept commissions there.

And don’t forget to follow me on twitter for the fresh news. And you always can write me about anything!

Best regards.

Duneholy //

Thanks Yuri!

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