Art Spotlight: Sketchfab Masters Picks, vol. 1

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This year we invited the Sketchfab Masters to select their favorite models published by our community. We’ll be sharing their picks in three installments over the next week. Enjoy!

Igor (iggy-design)

As a Sci-fi / Mech lover, this work totally blew me away. Design is awesome! But, what melted my mecha-heart was the attention to detail of the animation, which is FAR beyond expected to be seen usually, as they also animated the landing dust and the bullets! πŸ˜€

It’s actual movie scene type of work. I also like how they molded it for Sketchfab in terms of setup, not having it in the center of the scene, and this does affect the cinematic aspect of the viewing pleasure, and it gives an awesome relational perspective between you and the model events. I absolutely love it! πŸ˜€

Simon (essimoon)

I like how well the hair blends with the body and the dynamics of the pose.

Alexa (alexakruckenberg)

I love this model for a lot of reasons, but the number one reason is that it taught me new things about Sketchfab! I spent forever exploring the scene trying to figure out how it worked, and I was so grateful that the author was willing to explain the trick behind it in the comments! I love that about the Sketchfab community, that people are so willing to share ideas and help each other. πŸ™‚

Alex (dark-minaz)

I just love cats and the whole atmosphere of it.

Renafox (kryik1023)

It’s an excellent re-creation of the original vehicle, even putting models from a lot of simulators to shame. Everything from the hard-surface modeling to the textures and weathering looks amazing.

Phil Clark (Phil_XG)

I think this embodies everything that a good Sketchfab model should be. Instead of a lifeless object floating in 3D space, we get a gorgeously painted immersive diorama that can be understood from almost any angle. Really amazing work.

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