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Who am I?

I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for 7 years now. I am specialized in the creation of characters, decors, concept art, 3D modeling and texturing hand painting.
I make a lot of personal creations in order to work on different processes and have a new approach. In short, stay curious!

Mainly focused in graphic arts, cinema and video games, I am close to friends who are specialized in motion design and communication. Together, we aim to create a creative agency to bring together all our skills and know-how under the name of “Woot” agency.

Creation Steps

I had long wanted to make a character in low poly and try harder the style as much in details, textures as final rendering. I wanted to get closer to a character in the style of a Jafar (Aladdin) or Merlin (The Sword in the Stone), so I started making sketches to define a shape.

I had a clear vision of what I wanted, so I modeled a base directly under 3D Studio Max. I played a lot on the curves, as much on the shoulders, arms as on the extension of the robe.

I started by modeling the head and I added a big mustache and disheveled eyebrows.
To create the piles, I made plenty of planes where I will draw the piles afterwards, playing with the alpha to cut out the shapes.

Body & Objects

To make the body, I started working on the bust. Once I had a convincing shape, I did everything else: dress, arms, hands and legs hidden under the dress.

About the objects, it was much easier since the body was made. I just had to follow the main shapes and create my objects based on it. Once finished, I placed a pedestal like the figurines to lay the structure.


I grouped the elements in 3 parts: the head, the body and the objects. Once done, I made the UV mapping on each part in order to have 3 textures in the end.
Once the mapping was completed, I make all the texture part by doing everything in drawing, without using photos etc.

Morphing & Skinning

In order not to have a too static character for final rendering, I realized different face expressions to make it more realistically unsymmetrical and adding a facial expression.

When the facial expressions have been completed, I created a skeleton by using bones on the whole character to be able to do my skinning.

I placed bones on the main parts and also on the secondary parts in order to animate everything if necessary. (Belt, mustache, satchel, etc.).
To check the skinning quality, I did quite a lot of different poses to see if all the parts were good.
When everything was good, I finished with a final pose (that of the result) that will serve me as a definitive one.

Render to Texture

In order to get the final result, I placed 3 directional lights around the character and 1 omni light for the stick light. I used Mental Ray and the photometric lights.

Among the 3 lights, there is the main light or I place a slightly orange color and I activate the shadows in “ray traced shadows”.

1 sky blue light at left rear, and 1 light pink light at right rear. For the light of the stick, I used an omni where I placed a fluorescent green.When I activate the “high quality” view, I get this result:

At this stage, the work is almost finished. It only remains to render the final textures, thanks to the “render to texture”. For each one, I rendered a “complete map”. There will be all the information of diffuse, light, shadows, occlusion in 1 single image.

When they are calculated, I remove all the lights from my scene and I apply the new textures to control.

Mission accomplished! My sorcerer is definitely complete!

I only have to export my file in .fbx on Sketchfab, apply my textures, do my post prod and it’s done.


The integration into Sketchfab was very easy and very fast; I had only 3 textures to integrate!
With the new features in the app, I was able to use the option of z-depth in order to have a focus on certain parts of the character. The biggest advantage: the post prod options like the filters, the colorimetric alterations are really good and intuitive.
Sketchfab has helped me a lot to present my work and gives a new dimension to admire the community works.

Keep it up!

Contact Me

You can find all my work on my blog or on my website.

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  • Really loved this piece. Excited to hear about the behind the scenes. He has so much character and style. Reminds me of something from a LAIKA stop-motion movie. Bravo!

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